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Satch Dobrey

RE: Old Masters - Bernhard's character rails against everything Austrian and especially the work of the old masters that he keeps visiting in the museum but at the end of the novel the sense I get is that his dislike of art is because his wife is no longer there to share it with him. This sentimental turn is unique I think in his novels and it as close to a plot device reaching fruition as there is in his novel writing.

Leanne Ogasawara

Hi Satch! Thank you so much!!! I was so surprised you even found this page. The essay was posted here https://www.3quarksdaily.com/3quarksdaily/2020/04/thomas-bernhard-and-the-city-of-dreams.html
I think it generated some great conversation--relatively speaking, these days I am finding people don't really talk about books too much. I think you do, though. I think it is really true that Old Masters is his most developed work. I am now getting obsessed by Sebald. Anyway, thanks so very much for leaving a comment here. This blog is just a kind of journal of what I read...

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